How to remove pentalobe screws without correct screwdriver ? I have an iPhone 4. I need to remove the pentalobe screws, but i don't have a pentalobe screwdriver right now. To get the right tool search for a Tri wing screwdriver - this is the correct term for them. Quite easy to find in different sizes and qualities on Ebay and basically all good electronics stores (mostly in sets with other security bits). Without the right tool it is often impossible to remove them - that's why they are designed with three wings. Sep 19, 2016 can I open an iphone without the screwdriver . or can you help me how to fix my iphone , lines keeps appearing and after that it just freezes,until it turns to white screen. no you cannot and don`t even think about. As there are many cables under the screen and you may damage one in order to force open your iphone .

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How To Remove A Stripped Screw From An iPhone . If you have a stripped screw on your iPhone or electronic device, try these removal methods: 1. Rubber Band Method – Put a rubber band in between the screwdriver and the stripped screw . This will give you a bit more grip and hopefully remove the stuck screw . (SEE VIDEOS BELOW) 2. Sep 03, 2013 [Help]How to open iphone 4 back without special screwdriver . Discussion in ' iOS Support' started by Taser, Sep 1, 2013 with 4 replies and 18,227 views.