To use the new online ordering feature, please register for an account using the link below. 1-16 of 726 results for security screws tamper resistant Apply Filters Hide Filters. Machine Screws . Socket Head Screws . Sheet Metal Screws . Self-Tapping Screws . Concrete Screws . Wood Screws . Cutting Screws . Thumb Screws . Shoulder Screws See more. Head Style. Flanged Hex. Flat. Modified Truss. Pan. Truss. 12- here - Security Fasteners , Security Nuts, Security Sealants and more . Torx Security Screws . View as Grid List. #10 x 2 Tamper - Resistant Self Drilling Screws , Torx Equivalent 6-Lobe with Solid Post, Flat Head, Driver Size: 20TXH, Hardened 410 Stainless Steel - 100/

Tamper Proof Screws , Nuts and Matching Security Bits. Tamper Proof Security Screws , or Tamper Resistant Screws , are distinguished by having an unconventional drive, making tampering with the screw more difficult, if not impossible without the matching driver or bit. Types of Security Screws . Tamper resistant screws require a special tool, which the vandal or criminal is unlikely to have access to. Tamper proof screws are an even higher grade of security screw and usually require an even more rare tool or have additional measures that prevent their removal. Tamper - Proof Security Screws Bolts. Tools for Tamper - Proof Security Fasteners . Featured Items #10AB x 3/4 Security Self-Drilling Screw - Pan Torx Head - 410 Stainless Steel - 100 Pk . Not Yet Rated. $23.00 . 1/4-20 Tamper - Proof Security Breakaway Nut - Non-Removable - Aluminum - Made In USA - Pkg of 100 .

The 2H premium security screw has two holes in the head that require a special drive bit to fasten and remove the screw . This is an aesthetically pleasing tamper proof solution useful in places where the fastener is visible. Tamper Proof, Security Screws, Nuts Bolts. All tamper proof screws are not created equal. The problem with most other security screws is that they are not actually as secure as one might think. The fact is, except for Bryce fasteners, most so-called “tamper proof screws” aren’t tamper proof at all.