Here We Are. A blog by dance activist Rebecca Randall (formerly Becca Thomas), about Here We Are, a dance/theatre heremunity settings and public spaces, exploring the theme of 'change'. heremercial ended with the hashtag # HereWeAre , And Here We Are is the studio of Meghan Hopkins Sokorai featuring modern illustrated paper goods and custom stationery. Account. Cart (0) View cart Check out. Checkout. Collections What's New Boobs Butts Cats . Follow @and_ hereweare on Instagram.

Something very good happened in my kitchen this week, and I thought you should know about it. I made a grain-free hazelnut pie crust. And this pie crust was perfect: light, buttery, golden, crispy, and delicious.Let me back up for just a minute, though. A system that drives down administrative overheads whilst facilitating the best possible level of service. Tailored specifically for Primary Care workforce management, across multiple clinical services, it handles much more than scheduling and rostering of staff and includes professional profile management for clinicians, induction, billing and performance tracking. HERE WE ARE is a film based experience that accelerates our capacity to have hard conversations.. It includes an intimate film series of simultaneous realtime conversations between 21st century leaders. This format is not meant to be viewed online—heremunity or groups intending to begin or deepen relationship with each other.

Here We Are is a dance/theatre piece which has been growing slowly over the past couple of years. The idea was first seeded when I met Vangelis Legakis in Tenerife in August 2015. I was attending a workshop he was running, which involved some pretty exciting dancing at the foot of a volcano. That hashtag, # HereWeAre , first appeared late last year to announce a group of female leaders scheduled to hit Twitter's 2018 CES stage for an event focused on women in tech. Here we are

TedX: Rebranding the Single Mom In some ways, managing the stereotypes of single motherhood were as difficult as the actual parenting solo. In my Tedx talk, I share my personal experience with being knocked down, rolling around on rock bottom for a while, and finally getting back up again.