I hereby declare the Olympic Games officially open. The sum will hereby be charged to your account. The parties to the lawsuit hereby agree to settle the matter out of court. General Chairman--Member Pickwick Club], entitled Speculations on the Source of the Hampstead Ponds, with some Observations on the Theory of Tittlebats; and that this Association does hereby return its warmest thanks to the said Samuel Pickwick, Esq. here. Why Do Some People Gesticulate So Much? Emoji Challenge: Can You Translate More Emoji Into English? These Are the Longest Words in English

The central male of the three on this slide is hereby designated the lectotype. Tope Awopegba is hereby sentenced to one-year imprisonment for each count, however, the jail term is to run concurrently,' Ayodele ordered. I hereby sentence you for life after all the charges against you have been proven true. You are hereby appointed Sub-Lieutenant RNVR of HMS Tartar.