M5.0 X 40MM Pozi Flat Head W/Nibs Confirmat Fine Thread Point Zinc Plated Screws How to Use Confirmat Screws . Confirmat screws are designed specifically to be used with processed-wood materials. These types of materials are particle board or medium-density-type fiber boards that are used in furniture here construction. The design of the screw threads and screw head allows for the best possible grasping abilities when inserted into a pilot hole. These screws work exceedingly well, even for plywood butt-joints, but are difficult to pre-drill for without the relatively expensive specialized bit that Rockler does not carry. Hint, hint.

Confirmat screw assembly. Forum Responses From contributor F: First, a Confirmat type screw is made for particleboard, not plywood. The bits are also made for the more consistently dense particleboard. Second, consider pre-drilling for the screw body or shank (stern GR) in … Product Description. Confirmat and Connecting Screws Fasteners , Fittings and Screws , Screws and Accessories, Confirmat and Connecting Screws products Show 3 6 9 12 15 18 21 24 27 30 33 36 39 42 45 48

Socket Confirmat Screws . Socket Confirmat Wood screws work with a 3mm hex key, and are suitable for all chipboard corner joints and other furniture applications. These screws are designed to offer a secure connection in pilot holes of either 4 or 5mm, and are available with or without decorative plastic caps. 2 product ratings - Snappy 5 x 40mm Confirmat Screw 2 Step Countersink Brad Point Bit 1/4 Hex USA Details. Confirmat style connecting screws are designed heres or other types of box construction. These unique fasteners act like a steel dowel forming a strong, stiff butt joint. They have a large shoulder under the head that locks the screw into the wood and prevents pulling through into softer materials.

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