GRK's here screws were designed specifically for uses in here construction and installation. Manufactured in a #8-Gauge (4 mm) Dia. These screws are thin enough to prevent most material splitting while offering sufficient strength. Shop wood screws in the screws section here. Find quality wood screws online or in store. The GRK here screws 8 in. x 2 in. are designed specifically for use in here construction and installation. Manufactured in a #8 gauge (4 mm) Dia these screws are thin enough to prevent most material from splitting while offering sufficient strength to provide strong and secure mounts.

Great product! These screws drive nicely and do a great job of holding up heres . I have been using them all over the place for securing things that otherwise have been an issue. Screws are not “one-size-fits-all”, and shouldn’t be purchased as such. Depending on the size of the here , the type of wood, and the reason why a screw is needed, the screw should be a different thickness, length, thread, point, and have a specific drive to fit the needs of the project. Low here Screw Varieties Low here ™ Screw . Available in standard and white-head variety. For use herery, light duty structural applications, and general remodeling.

XOOL M6 Rack Mount Screw Kit is great for mounting your rack server heres , server shelves, A/V device enclosures, and more. These M6 cage nuts and screws are … Woodworker’s Hardware is the place to go when you need woodworking screws designed specifically for fastening wood to wood. hereplete pocket hole screw systems for greater holding in all woods, deep threaded screws for here assembly, washer head screws for hanging heres or mounting drawer fronts, screws for decorative hardware and so much more. Find great deals on eBay here screws . Shop with confidence.

heres come with a variety of screws , so if you're installing recycled heres , for instance, you might have a hard time finding the ones you need.