The Model B is the most profitable multi-spindle automatic screw machine available.. With a Davenport ’s Model B , less time is required to manufacture parts because setup is simplified and operating time is minimal. The Davenport One-Inch Model B Machine is the Model B machine that you know and love, updated to manufacture larger parts. This new version of the machine can work with full 1.00″ diameter parts , allowing users access to more profitable market segments. One-Inch Model B Machine . An updated Classic Model B machine , equipped to handle full 1 diameter parts. Improve production output and ROI. Compatible with almost all Davenport attachments.

The One Inch Davenport Model B machine is our classic Model B machine updated and upgraded to work with larger parts. This new, larger machine : Can feed a full 1.00 diameter bar through a standard feeding mechanism Used Davenport 3/4 Model B Multispindle Screw Machines For Sale - 1970s-1980s Several 1970s - 1980s Model B Davenport 3/4 Machines with Stock Reel and Stand Machines … Our business was established and built around the Model “ B ” Davenport multiple spindle lathe. The Davenport machine was an industry leader in high volume production. It is an older technology, all cam controlled, that requires a stronger mechanical aptitude than hereC machines .

Partial list of our in stock used Davenport Model B Multispindle Screw Machines : Davenport Model B , 3/4 5 Spindle Screw Machine , Inventory # M1968, is equipped with: Cross Slides in … The Davenport HP machine , the Model B multispindle automatic screw machine , and The Chucker five spindle-chucking machine deliver increased productivity in operations ranging from small parts manufacturing to medium and high-volume operations. Davenport screw machines herepatible with hundreds of attachments. used and rebuilt davenport machines for sale are listed below: 1 - ORIGINAL OWNER 2001 SERVO DRIVE DAVENPORT SCREW MACHINE WITH NEW STYLE NOISE TAMER FOR SALE: OVERSIZE 75 CYCLE MODEL B