here and there, in this place and in that; at various times or places: He worked here and there, never for long in one town. hither and thither: We drove here and there in … Recent Examples of here from the Web. One is here June 8 against Trinidad and Tobago, followed by a crucial match at Mexico on June 11. here here unknown An exclamatory phrase, heremonly associated with Samuel Adams, a brewer and a patriot. The Samuel Adams bar at Logan Airport in Boston is by far the greatest alcoholic establishment with great beer and a fantastic view of runway 33L.

' here is' and ' here are' You can use here is or here are at the beginning of a sentence when you want to draw attention to something or to introduce something. You use here is in front of a singular noun phrase and here are in front of a plural noun phrase. Definition of here in the here dictionary . Meaning of here . What does here mean? Information and translations of here in hereprehensive dictionary definitions resource on … Here's to. (someone or something), an expression used as a toast to someone or something to wish someone or something well. Here's to Jim and Mary! May they be very happy! Here's to your new job!