Fasteners and Their Types . Steel plants are associated with the fasteners in two ways. Firstly they supply steels of various qualities used in the manufacture of fasteners and secondly, they use various types of fasteners of different varieties, sizes and qualities in the equipments used in the steel plant. Identification Charts for Different Types of Fasteners : Head styles, Bolt and Screw, Drive, Washer and Nut types Screw Threads Terminology Related Posts on Machine Design topic(s) Fastener Categories Fastener Type Chart Wood Screws Machine Screws Thread Cutting Machine Screws Sheet Metal Screws Self Drilling SMS Screws with a smooth shank and tapered point for use in wood. Abbreviated WS. Screws with threads for use with a nut or tapped hole. Abbreviated MS. Machine screws with a thread cutting (self tapping) point.

These are the fasteners which create their own threads while fastening into the material. They typically have a head, and a shank with a helical threads .They have different types of head style and recess or drive style such as slotted, Pozidriv, Phillips, hex, Torx, Robertson etc.( to know more about this, consider the previous article) . Anchor Fastener Types Specs. We are a leading provider of anchor fasteners and carry all the types listed below. Anchor Fasteners by American Fastener . Here ’s a partial list of some of the most popular anchors we carry in stock. Not sure of which anchor is best for your application? Types of Fasteners . Machine and Mechanism Design / By kkaarthic / Mechanical Engineering From the regular household appliances we use in our day to day life to the high tech gizmos we use herehereponent in them – A Fastener .

• Recognize types of fastening systems, their basic principles, and where they may be applicable. 2 Introduction • Principal purpose of fasteners are – Disassembly for inspection and repair – Modular design, where a product consists of a number of subassemblies. 3 Fastener types • Removable: This type permits the parts How many types of nuts and bolts are there? Here 's a detailed list to help you understand the difference! ACCOUNT CONTACT MY . FASTENERS 101™ Types of Fasteners . Types of Nuts and Bolts. Screws use their threads to provide their own holding power. Feb 21, 2019 Screws are amazingly versatile and powerful fasteners . The basic concept is a threaded cylinder that is used for holding all sorts of things together, including wood, plastic and metal. Different types of screws have been developed to maximize efficacy for particular applications.