2014 www. captive -here †201-337-6800 FAX: 201-337-1012captive fastener corporation101 To achieve the correct installation results for Captive self-clinching fasteners , please follow the 11 simple rules listed below: DO: 1. Provide the properly sized mounting hole for each fastener. Installation instructions for Self Clinching Captive Fasteners for most industrial applications. For more information, call 800-777-4838. Self-clinching fasteners for ductile materials. Broaching fasteners for non-ductile materials ; Weld nuts for sheet metal. Advantages: All Captive self-clinching fasteners install into a round hole which may be punched or drilled in ductile materials. All Captive broaching fasteners install into a round hole, which may be drilled in non-ductile materials.

pem pf11™/pf12™ captive panel screws PEM PF11/PF12 panel fasteners provide design flexibility by offering three styles of installation types, each having the same profile or look above the sheet or panel into which it is installed. We specialize in JIT delivery of: bushings, captive screws , captive screw assemblies, handles, ferrules, locking fasteners , nuts, retainers, screws , self- Savetix captive hex screws with a thin shank, hex head to DIN 933 - technical specifications. Size (nominal size) d Spanner size s Head height k Length l Threaded length b1 Material; M4: 7: 2,8: The following lengths are available: .

installation instructions - cimarron led small (cl1s) sheet 4 of 4 save these instructions 701 millennium boulevard greenville, sc 29607 (864) 678-1000 here north photocontrol screw receptacle photocontrol option note: the light will not operate without a photocontrol switch or … Self-Clinching Captive Fasteners Captive Self-Clinching Fasteners are designed to be installed in sheet metal and PC Boards. They provide a permanently attached threaded fastener herees an integral part of the panel or frame and eliminates the challenges associated with loose hardware. Installation Procedures Huck Captive fasteners and rivetless nut plates use the swage (flat collar Figure 1) or flared (100 or 82 countersink figure 2) method of upsetting the sleeve to captivate the assembly to the panel.

Captive Fasteners Captive Screws 247 Southco Captive Fasteners Polished, Spring-ejected Series, M4, M5 and M6 Thread Installation 1. Slip spring over shank of screw . Spring must be oriented as shown in diagram. 2. Insert screw (with spring) through hole in standoff. 3. Insert retainer into recess in end of tool. To Captivate Screw 4.