Our inventory houses everything from basic hardware , to rare, highly-technical fasteners . And what we don’t keep in stock—say, a per-print item made from an exotic material—we can source from a variety of dedicated and reliable suppliers. There’s virtually no nut , bolt , washer, or screw we don’t have access to. Choose a master distributor where service, quality and relationships are important. Stelfast is a full-line supplier of screws , nuts , bolts , structural product, washers, anchors, threaded rod, studs and specials. We are a family-owned business serving our customers since 1972. Commercial Fasteners . Whether you're building commercial speaker systems, repairing antique cars or Amish buggies or maintaining an assembly line or industrial equipment, the right fasteners go a long way to a job well done. From nuts and bolts , to screws , washers, rivets and eye bolts ,

here carries Maryland's largest inventory of nuts , bolts , screws and fasteners for any job type. Whether it be a heavy industrial construction, commercial building construction, or just herement, you can contact our team at anytime. Browse Commercial Fasteners in the Elite Fasteners , Inc. catalog including Item #,Item Name,Description, Bolts ,Cap Screws ,Electronic,Locknuts, Nuts ,Machine Screws ,Rivets,Self Drilling/Tapping/Wood Screws ,Socket Products,Washers,Misc. Fasteners ,Technica . We hereplete line of Commercial Fasteners in Inch Metric Sizes. Industrial hardware includes a variety of commercial bolts and specialty fasteners used in commercial and industrial applications. This includes bolts , nuts , screws , clamps, rivets and various other types of hardware used by industries including automotive, electronics, …

Bolts are externally male threaded Fasteners , typically used with a Nut and where greater Shear Force is required. Standard types of Bolts are Carriage Bolts , Hex Cap Screws , Hex Machine Bolts and Taping Bolts . Fasteners and Hardware , We carry variety of types and sizes of Fasteners in Inch and Metric sizes. Anchors, Screws , Bolts , Nuts , Threaded Inserts, You can select a single threaded rod or bulk order nuts and bolts . We carry hard-to-find structural bolts , machine screws and must-haves like wedge anchors, washers and rivets. Shop Grainger for the wood, metal, plastic or concrete fasteners you need.

heree to American Bolt Screw We are your premier source for commercial grade fasteners , nuts , bolts , screws , and hardware . For more than 60 years, ABS has set the standard for quality, value-added services, and superior customer service.